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Taster Episode for National Poetry Day

A taster episode of Poetry Worth Hearing will be made available on Thursday 7th October, National Poetry Day. You can find the episode here:

This is a sample of some of the poems which you will hear on the first full episode which will be published in January, 2022. Each episode will be an hour in length and will include poets reading their own work, as well as a variety of short features. Episode One will include an interview with Pat Winslow talking about contemporary poetry which she thinks is worth reading.

I am still looking for work for the first three episodes and I know that some people have been put off by the process of recording. Don’t be. It is extremely easy and there are a variety of ways of doing it.

1. On your phone-but check the quality.

2. On your computer. On mine, Mac, this is via the Voice Memo App and I am sure there is a PC equivalent

3. If you have installed Zoom, you can have a one-person meeting, record and save it.

4. On QuickTime Player which may already be on your computer and if not is free to download. Go to File> New Audio recording. Record your piece and save it.

5. Download Audacity, another free audio programme and the one I am using. This allows you to fiddle about with your recording and improve the sound quality.

Recordings should use one of the following formats:

· mp3

· m4a

· wav

· mpg

· mp4

· mov

Recordings should not be more than 4 minutes but may include several poems and relevant introductory material. You do not need to give your name or introduce yourself. You should also send the texts of the poems as well as biographical details and publications information which will be posted simultaneously on this Wordpress site.

A trailer for the show has already been published on the site ( ) and I’m afraid it consists of very little but me blethering on, but if you could visit it and like it, it will improve visibility.

Please pass on information about Poetry Worth Hearing and the call for submissions to anyone you think may be interested.

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