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Submissions for Episodes 4&5

Episode 3 of Poetry Worth Hearing will be available on March 17th from 9 am. You will find the texts of the poems, more information about the poets and titles of nature and science poetry recommended by Sarah Watkinson. You can find the podcast at or on Google or Apple podcasts.

Now I am looking for submissions for Episodes 4&5. I am particularly interested in including work which proceeds from some kind of collaboration. This might be with musicians, visual artists or with people working in completely different disciplines, such as science. Such work might come out of a residency or simply individuals who have decided to get together. It might be the product of translation, a collaboration between a poet writing in one language and a translator/poet trying to render it in another. Obviously, it is difficult to represent collaborations between visual art and the spoken word on a sound podcast, but I would be very happy to post photographs on this website. It would be very helpful if people submitting work which is the result of collaboration could say a little about that in their introduction.

Although I am hoping to produce an episode with an emphasis on collaboration, I am also very happy to receive work from individual poets, both those who have contributed previously and those who have not as yet sent me anything. You can record on your phone or computer, but can you please check your recordings for unexpected rumbles sometimes caused by shaking the microphone or jogging a surface. It's also good to keep paper shuffling to a minimum.

I am looking forward to receiving your submissions. Please tell other poets about the podcast and encourage them to submit also. I would welcome more work from younger writers. Submissions with texts of poems and all relevant information to

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