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Submission advice for Poetry Worth Hearing

The first full episode of Poetry Worth Hearing will be issued in a few weeks. Now I am looking for more submissions for future episodes. If you would like to submit your poems here is what you need to do:

  • Make a recording of your poems which should be not more than four minutes in length.

  • Do not give your name or biographical details. Those will be included in the introduction and posted on this site. You can include explanatory material about the poem but this should be brief.

  • Make sure your recording uses one of the following formats:mp3, m4a, wav, mpg mp4, mov

  • You don't really need any fancy equipment. You can just use your phone or computer and their inbuilt microphones. However, you do need to record in a quiet place away from traffic, pets or screaming babies.

  • Useful software includes Quicktime Player, Audacity, or even Zoom.

  • Practise your recording and play it back. Avoid dropping your voice at the end of lines, going too fast at the beginning or speeding up at the end. Do not rattle your papers beside the microphone.

  • Leave a reasonable space between each poem so that I can select and edit. I may not accept all the poems you send.

  • Send your recording, along with the texts of the poems and a short biographical summary to me at .

  • Be aware that acceptance of your poem for the podcast and its publication on the website do constitute publication.

  • Poems you send should generally be previously unpublished. However, I will consider poems from personal blogs and simultaneous submissions. If I accept a poem, I expect you to withdraw it from other outlets.

I hope this advice is helpful but if you are still struggling, please email me. I look forward to hearing your poems.

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