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September Episode Out Soon

Episode 8 of Poetry Worth Hearing should be available on Thursday, 29th of September. This episode is devoted largely to an extended interview with the poet, Dinah Livingstone. In addition, there are poems from Andrew Dixon, Lizzie Ballagher, Stephen Wren and Alice Willington.

Now, I am looking for submissions for Episode 8 & 9. Please send your recordings of unpublished poems together with the texts and a short bio (not more than 100 words) to

Your recordings can include introductions to the poems, but you do not need to introduce yourself, as I will do that. A phone is perfectly adequate to make your recording although your computer or laptop may have better quality. The important thing is to try to exclude extraneous noise - screaming children, builders, yapping dogs, lawnmowers etc. I look forward to receiving submissions -please don't hold back.

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