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Poetry Worth Hearing: the first ten episodes

Poetry Worth Hearing, the audio poetry magazine has now published 10 episodes. Below you will find a list of the poets featured in each episode. You can access them all through Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and Audible or Texts and further information about poets and publications at . Submissions, suggestions and comments to

Episode 1

Pat Winslow talking about poets worth reading; David Cooke, Lynne Wycherley, Lucy Ingrams, Sarah J. Bryson, Richard Lister, Pat Winslow, Vanessa Lampert, Jane Thomas, Eva Wal, David Burridge, Helen Overell, Bridget Fraser, Carl Tomlinson, Anne McDonald, Bill Jenkinson, David Ratcliffe.

Episode 2

Louise Larchbourne talks about her mother, the poet Rosamund Stanhope. A.B. Jackson, Inge Milfull, Stephen Wren, Diana Sanders, Bill Jenkinson, Ruth Aylett, Lucy Ingrams, Michael Klimeš, Sarah MacLeod, Richard Lister, Sarah J. Bryson, Jules Whiting.

Episode 3

Sarah Watkinson talks about Nature and Science poetry. Sarah Watkinson, Robert Etty, Andrew Dixon, Sharron Green, Margot Myers, Claire Cox, Eva Wal, Diana Bell, Suzannah Houston, Lyn Thornton

Episode 4

Theme of collaboration: Musician and poet Diana Sanders with poets Clive McWilliam, Suzanne Iuppa, Paul Blundell, Fiona L Bennett, Ian M Parr, Sarah Lewis, Martin Zarrop;Sarah Watkinson and Romola Parrish; Bill Jenkinson and Viola Michely;

Jane Duran, Claire Cox, Jennifer A. McGowan, David Ratcliffe, Trisha Broomfield, Steve Xerri.

Episode 5

Ukraine discussion: Jennifer A. McGowan*, Mike Klimeš, Sarah Macleod*, Merryn Williams*, Lou Hough, Lizzie Ballagher, Andrew Dixon*, Jules Whiting, Bill Jenkinson, Hanne Busck-Nielsen*, Anna Avebury* Inge Milfull*. * =also contributed poems.

Alan Buckley, Brighid Schroer, Carl Tomlinson, Sue Johns, David Cooke, Meg Barton

Episode 6

Giles Goodland on poetry worth reading; Bill Herbert, Sarah J Bryson, Trisha Broomfield, Inge Milfull, Hannah Busk-Nielsen,Sarah James.

Episode 7

Claire Cox talks about Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre and ignitionpress. Poems from ignitionpress poets Jacob Anthony Ramirez, Michaela Coplen, Daniel Fraser and Patrick James Errington.

Fathima Zahra, Dinah Livingstone, Richard Lister, Lizzie Ballagher, Vanessa Lampert, Mervyn Linford

Episode 8

Extended interview with Dinah Livingstone. Andrew Dixon, Lizzie Ballagher, Stephen Wren and Alice Willington

Episode 9

Four poets: Jules Whiting, Rachel Piercey, Elizabeth Barton, Jennifer A McGowan.

Jane Thomas, Trisha Broomfield, Steve Xerri, Christopherr Horton, Heather Moulson

Episode 10

Jenny Lewis talks about poets worth reading. Tristram Fane Saunders, Beth Davyson, Martyn Crucefix, Lucy Ingrams, Damon Young, Diana Bell and Trisha Broomfield.

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