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Poetic Form

Dear PWH contributors and friends

Who said "Form is never more than an extension of content'?

I would like to curate an episode on form so I am inviting you to submit a poem where you have used a particular form and explain why you have chosen that form for that poem. The form you submit can be a traditional fixed form, like a sonnet, terza rima, a villanelle, ghazal, pantoum, haibun or a variation or adaptation of one of those; or, it can be a new form, specific to the poem or theme you are presenting. The recording in total (poem and explication of form) should not usually be more than 4 minutes. However, I will consider longer submissions where the length is justified by the content. I would prefer this to be unpublished work, but will accept published poems providing there is no problem with permissions. As usual, please send the texts of the poems and a short bio.



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